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Thanks for your interest in partnering with us to sell your things! Consigning with re•volve is very different than when you purge your closet and put together bags of items to donate to a thrift store; it isn't just emptying your closet of all the things you no longer want and bringing them in for us to look through. Consigning is all about being selective about what you bring in for us to sell! We are known for reselling like-new items so please sort through your unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories and bring in your very best for us to review. We want a successful partnership and we hope this helps you understand why we won't take just anything. We love questions so if you're ever unsure about how something works please reach out!
  • Our consigning hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-6. All other days you are welcome to drop off your items for us to review, and you'll have three days to pick up anything that we don't put on contract.

  • Look over the items you would like to consign. Make sure they are season appropriate and in like-new condition. Please don't bring us items with holes, missing buttons, pilling, or faded fabric. Only bring in your very best for us to review!

  • All clothing items must be freshly laundered within one week of bringing them in. They also must be free of perfumes, stains, musty odors, lint, and pet hair.


  • Bags and shoes need to be clean and in excellent repair. For bags, clean out pockets and remove debris and stains from the liner. For shoes, wipe down footbeds/outsoles and remove any stickers or gel inserts.

  • Items must be neatly folded and contained in bags. Due to volume and storage constraints we cannot accept items in garbage bags, large boxes/totes, or on hangers.

  • In order to fit everyone in, we have a 25 item per week limit. We offer appointments for consignors who have larger orders [up to 50 items]. Appointments are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and fill up quickly. Please call ahead or email to schedule.

- We're accepting limited consignment by appointment only -

You will receive 40% of the final selling price for consigned items. After your items sell, credit can be used in-store or paid out by check. Each contract period is for 60 days and begins when your merchandise is put onto the sales floor. You will receive a password that allows you to access your account online to view your item status and account balance at your own convenience!

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