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We are two sisters. We are Corvallis locals. We love our town and wanted to find a way to contribute to this little community that we adore.


It all started several years ago. Two sisters, chatting on their back patio, dreaming of opening some sort of store whose core mission reflected the conscientious spirit of our beloved community. Months of planning, dreaming, stretching, and growing and the shop was becoming tangible. When we were thinking about a name for our store, we really wanted something that captured the benefits of consigning unwanted clothing. Working off of the principle of the three R’s, the name re•volve was born.


So what is in a name? Well, we’re hoping that our name will become synonymous with the three R’s around here. A lofty goal, yes. But the business’ mission was formed around the idea. It’s not new or crazy, but it is at the heart of how we conduct ourselves personally and professionally. And we think that the word “re•volve” fits in nicely with reduce, reuse, and recycle. It kind of caps the phrase off, bringing it all together.


We absolutely love being a part of the downtown Corvallis culture and engaging with our fellow Corvallians, visitors, and the OSU community. We hope to become a vital part of Corvallis’ spirit through charitable endeavors and by embodying its commitments to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. It is our hope that you feel the goodness when you come in our store!

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